April 3, 2012

House-Boss pins again: My Ugly Laundry Room Divorce & Free Pretty Printables

                                                                                      Source: toriejayne.blogspot.com via Melly on Pinterest

These lovely printables are the newest pin in House-Boss' latest pinterest obsession. Anything & everything laundry related.

Oh, you didn't know that instead of working at work he text me sh** he finds on pintrest ALL DAMN DAY LONG! Usually suggestions hints on how to clean things. I'll admit blame here, I showed him pinterest way back & now he browses (his words) it daily. That would be fine, but he forwards them my way because I have nothing better to do apparently.

Now I've officially outed his pinterest-habit to the world, I'll let you in on why he's abnormally obsessed with all things laundry right now:

Rewind about two months ago, I was brutally attacked...by the laundry.

Yes! You heard right!

I'll say it again to help it sinks in a bit more...

My wire laundry basket launched a viscous attack upon my body! I was slightly severely wounded. The extent of my injures went far beyond the initial attack!  I was unable to wear heels (a tragedy in Melly-World) for 3+ weeks.

I considered a restraining order until I was informed by house-boss that was nearly impossible to obtain such a thing. DAMN!

After looking into all my options I decided to simply "Divorce" my laundry. After all I succeeded in removing 98% of all dealings with my ex-husband that way, why cant I apply the same tactic to my laundry situation!?!

Which got me thinking I may have a case to claim losses due to inflicted damages! I'm back to my ex-husband-ing experience. AND once again house-boss was there to squash that hope too! Double DAMN! He's really starting to annoy me now!

If you're keeping score 1: Laundry - 1: Melly

The laundry lashed out with one final crippling blow to the proverbial "Junk"! Full malfunction of the wash machines settings! House-boss could only was laundry (Myself + laundry were still setting the terms of divorce so he was the mediator for the time being) in screaming H O T water & the rinse cycle quit completely.

But before I could finalize my divorce decree with the laundry, house-boss pulled a trump card from the deck. Face it, the odds were stacked against him. I had a justifiable out from doing laundry...forever! His only solution was to play dirty...& that he did!

He went out & purchased this brand-spanking-new set to replace the misfit pair we had held onto for 9 years now.

I gotta hand it to the man, he knows me well. His secret? Well..in my world I cherish things that are "pretty". Say what you will about that but it's a hardcore fact about yours truly & he exploited it to the fullest. (I've taught him well)

Now he made the large purchase, time to fully redo the entire room as insurance I will indeed kiss & makeup with my arch enemy the laundry. Thats where pinterest comes in!

Here a sample of room ideas he's sent me so far:

                                                                                   Source: blog.light-innovations.com via Melly on Pinterest

                                                                                                Source: google.com via Melly on Pinterest

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  1. Love your blog! I just came over from the Follow Me Wed blog hop.
    I am a new follower! ;0

  2. Ha! My husband loves pinterest, too! I always give him crap about being a "pinterest creeper". :) He'll be happy to know he's not the only one!

    New follower from Follow me Wednesday!

  3. Love this! Following you back from the blog hop!

  4. Visiting from the blog hop!! Newest follower!! :)

  5. Hey lady! I am your newest follower from Follow Me Wednesday and this story cracked me up. And I am totally jealous of your newest purchases. Can't read more about the antics of your hubby.

  6. Too funny! I've had this drama all month but our home warranty people {after 3 weeks and 4 guys visiting} finally patched it back together instead of replacing. Hmm... But I'm getting a new kitchen out of it! YAY but kinda weird I know! Does HH have a Pinterest profile so I can stalk him?

  7. Funny! I wish my {first} husband was into Pinterest! I may need to set up an account for him. laura@imnotatrophywife.com


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