May 20, 2013

Local Las Vegas Bloggers Thrive at Recess. The Las Vegas {online) Magazine!

Las Vegas Blogging community
Mommy Reporter takes another prize!
Getting on with my new Las Vegas Blogger journey! Myself and a few Las Vegas Bloggers decided that the sandbox we had currently been playing in was filled with others that did not like to share their "toys", so to speak.

If you think that underhanded deals only happen in the boardrooms and on wall street, you'd be wrong.

Lucky for me, and the Las Vegas Bloggers living and working in our Las Vegas community we felt to need to pick up our toys and have a Sandbox Revolution...of sorts. And a golden phoenix has rose from the preverbal bridge's ashes!

As the premier blogging network and cross-media platform in Southern Nevada, RECESS is a group of local Las Vegas bloggers.
In Las Vegas, women make up half of the population and control 88% of the household purchase decisions.  Here at RECESS, our bloggers love to share news, information and recommendation about their favorite local and national products and services. - RECESS Las Vegas Bloggers - Does your business need the blogger?

A Network of Bloggers in Las Vegas

From Twitter Parties and Tweet-Ups to Pinterest Contests and Blogger Events, the ladies of RECESS have been hosting social media events for local and national businesses for years.  In fact, Toni Spilsbury recently wrote about How To Throw A Great Blogger Event.

Las Vegas Bloggers
Oz the Great and Powerful VIP Blogger Event
As the Sandbox Revolution Community Director, I personally am thrilled to work with a network of Las Vegas Bloggers that have thrived on their efforts to become a true blogger based community.

Is Your Business Working With The Blogger?

Let our network of Las Vegas Bloggers give your business, or client’s business, a boost through one of our targeted social media campaigns. Visit Recess Today to Learn How.

April 14, 2013

Can I leave (again) now? Our Disneyland Vacation

The view from our resort was amazing. We overlooked Disneyland California Adventure park. The nights we didn't spend in the park we watched the firework show (at Disneyland) and also the World of Color all from our room. My parents had the adjoining room so the kids would run back & fourth. It was truly magical for all of us. I had the hormones of a crazy women because I would cry at every event seeing how much fun it was for the kids to be there.

April 5, 2013

Hi, Welcom to *omitted* . Did you find your condons, wine...and premium chocolate ok today Ms?

Yup! That was pretty much the contents on my shopping cart the other day! Finding myself at the checkout lane with a box of condoms that, oddly enough, had extremely detailed packaging, a bottle of fine $10 wine and an overpriced $6 chocolate bar was a bit uncomfortable, I'll admit.

I don't really have to justifiy the booze of pricey chocolate, but condoms, at my age and long term relationship, feels off a bit. Who knows what the cashier was thinking! Well actually I pretty well know what he was thinking. Plus this is my regular market, they see me here three, four times a week!

Oh the best part; the condoms are kept behind lock and key! What Horsesh**! So not only do I find myself in the "incontinence" aisle (hot right, nothing sets the mood like blatter control aids) but I had to get an employee to open the case and they get to stand by as I make my selection with a bottle of wine and chocolate in my arms! Oh hell, this is seriously happening right now! After a good three strong minutes of trying to decide if I should go with the ones promising her pleasure *duh* or something about being ribbed (who knows) I cracked under the pressure and relied on an internal iny-miny-minie-moe tactic that seems to work for my toddler when face with the really difficult decisions in life.

Ya' know I wouldn't have to do this if somebody house-boss would get fixed already, I wouldn't have to do the checkout of shame if somebody house-boss would go to the store for himself! It had come down to a mexican standoff and I finally raised the white flag and went to the store. I for sure thought I'd win that battle, but I'm weak people. Just a weak women who really really didn't want to buy condoms but caved. I wish I could say I won this one for all the gals rowing in the same boat as I...sorry I let you down. Maybe I'll live to fight another day! Chin up!

March 27, 2013

SH** "Crunchy" Dads Say...

...but House-Boss would never say! The ones that stand out most are...

"Hey, hey, hey I can compost this."
I once considered the pros of composting; I was sadly rebuffed and the whole operation was shut down before it could began. Not sure why, maybe I'll revisit it, for "research" purposes - yeah "research".

"Ask my wife."
Yeah, come to think about it I don't think I've ever heard this sentence in any way shape or form uttered from the mouth of House-Boss. Guess there's nothing I know that he doesn't (at least in his mind anyway). That or this clearly points to the lack of active listening on his part - SHOCKER!

"Alright dude I gotta get going and stuff these diapers."
Cloth diapers would not fly in my home. I can't say we've explored this option, but I know my family & this might last two weeks - tops!  I know; we should be preserving the Earth for our children's children, got it. I also know the landfill argument. But the good news for all of you crunches having massive heart palpitations right now, I don't want more children. At least you can take solitude in that thought & still sleep at night knowing I no longer wish to contribute to the over population - see silver lining (yea).

"I prefer the freedom of a ring-sling"
I may have "wore" all my babies, but that didn't mean HB was gona. I have to say there is nothing hotter then a man wearing his baby - take notes guys these are pearls!

I am planning on asking for a chicken or two, yes I want a couple chicken. I' want my own eggs, don't ask if I know anything about raising chickens - I lived on a farm once or twice, but that's what the internet is for right?! I'm sure I know what the answer will be but I'll still ask anyway, it's fun to see his face when I drop "crazy" question bombs on him. 

I love the video because it gives us a glimpse into the "crunchy daddy's" day, which I find interesting to see. I think I have heard a few slightly-crunchy comments from HB. Take aspartame for example; HB hates it & gave me a lesson on it's dangers one day. Which leads back to crunchy dad point two - "Ask my wife" I already knew that but thanks for the cliff notes dude.

Know any 702 crunchy dad? Is this video fairly accurate?

January 30, 2013

Disneyland - Here Our 702 Life Comes!

It's that time vacation! We pack up & leave the 702 and terrorized another zip code as an united freak show. This time I set my sites on Disneyland, CA. Gold Digger will be turning seven this weekend, so on a whim I said "Lets go to Disneyland!". Although I loth love spending tons of House Boss' money cash on annoying over the top birthday parties, I had some crazy idea Disneyland would be more fun on super bowl weekend. Plus less cooking for me. I call that a win-win!

November 28, 2012

Why the universe makes toddlers so cute, so they live to see adulthood.

Yup, that's my lil monster! Actually we call her NBC - natural birth control. This being the exact image I held of the beast growing in my baby bump over 3 years ago, kidding not really.

From conception on, she has terrorized me to no end, probably because she can smell fear is her father in 1/8th size & female! Don't get me started on the homebirth (18.5 hours)!

There she is in all monster glory! She's good too, at making you forgive not forget her crazy trouble making skills, only because she is so cute! My two older children are so well behaved and mild mannered, then there is this one. Where I went wrong I haven't figured it out yet. Her daddy asks the question "who sent you?", fitting I wonder some days too!

November 15, 2012

My Very Un-Thanksgiving Tradition 2012

This is how I feel about it too! Don't get the title wrong, I love Thanksgiving...the shopping part that is! You're not gona find any awesome recipes here...just me with my arms full of shopping bags! Sorry in advance {well not really}.

I use to order a massive Turducken and bake this elaborate meal to feed my 'Vegas' family {in-laws}, but for the last few years I found a better gig...The Un-Thanksgiving!

May 21, 2012

There's no crying at legoland - or maybe there is!

Awe vacation brings out the crazy best in my family! We hit legoland once a year & this time...WE BROUGHT FRIENDS! Woot! Woot! Let me re-phrase that...

WE BROUGHT PEOPLE JUST LIKE US! Because no 2 friends are alike! We have all types of friends in our posse, but we traveled with a couple with similar temperaments - which made the trip very easy!
We rented a villa with a few bedrooms & ocean view for us all to share. The GPP Resort was beautiful! The courtyards had bunnies roaming around & kids did their best to scare the living daylights out of these cute creatures catch them daily. They had a kids clubhouse & too many activities to list! We did the smores & jumpy house on our down time. The pool had a small water park for the kids too! They had a blast.

May 18, 2012

My kids are fed, but too many go hungry at the end of the day!

I'm back from vacation! I'll be filling you in on that F U N later, but I wanted to talk about this subject first! I usually don't address these topics here, but wanted to share this wonderful program I love!

If you know me you know I'm one of those don't get in line behind me if you're in a hurry "coupon people" - ya know, if your shopping with me I will have a coupon for pretty much anything you wanna randomly purchase - yup, I'm THAT GIRL!

Moving on...

May 7, 2012

Man vs. {Dolphin} Shark

This is House-Boss' dolphin shark!

As we're preparing for a week in CA, which usually is to escape the Vegas wind, allergies, heat, family, jobs this has been a sore topic around the house.

This is Moonlight Beach, CA (Carlsbad) last year. We take off to hit Legoland and the beach with the family every year. Last year House-Boss had a close call........with a shark {da, da, daaaahhhh}

May 3, 2012

Where's the baby?

That's the question I find myself asking over & over lately! When NBC is 'found', it tends to be in awkward places, just sitting there waiting to be discovered.

WTD? {that's 'what the duck' in case you didn't know}

I'm smart enough to grab my iPhone after I ask that question so I can take pix {because thats the important thing in this situation}.

Once I found her in a toddler chair she turned upside down then hit under & inside it. 10 points for creativity!

April 26, 2012

Do you want to witness a grown man temper tantrum? I thought you might {your welcome}!

Yes! I am an a**hole all the time sometimes! Good thing I make up for it with my amazing ass personality!

The idea to take a picture of House-Boss while he's severely pissed off at me I cannot take credit for however. 

April 23, 2012

How to Create A Grab My Button Widget For Your Blog!

Here is my most useful HTML codes as a blogger. I am a do-it-yourself kinda girl and if you are too, here are some helpful HTML codes to have.
  • Blog Button {Clickable Image with Link}:
Copy and Paste this HTML code. Exchange ONLY the BOLD text and add your own URL's
<center><a href="ADD PAGE URL http://www. HERE" target="_blank"><img src="ADD http://www. IMAGE URL HERE" alt="IMAGE NAME HERE" width="250" height="250" /></a></center>
I use this the most. This code will help you display imaged links to other pages {clickable pictures}. Most commonly used for blog buttons.

You can play with the "width" and "height" to get the size picture you want in the space you want to fill. The link you wish the picture to take you to will be displayed in a new window.

    April 20, 2012

    Wow, 2-year-olds are heavy! Our trip to Springs Preserve

    Last week was spring break for my kids, it was I really wanted the school to take them back fun. I have a friend that said when she heard other parents say they cant wait for the kids to go back to school, she thought it was rude of them...well her child had his first spring break & now she totally gets it. Moving on!

    I'll be care giving for the two extra children in the picture this summer, so I figured give them a trial run on what this summer will be like, BUSY!

    It was perfect, I had planned it out so that we have "Movie Margarita Night" planned for those wore out children!

    Springs Preserve is a Las Vegas treasure! I truly love & enjoy this place. I was there to check out the Sustainability Center with the kids.

    April 16, 2012

    Tutorial: Simple Pretty Planters

    I have an amazing friend that has an even more amazing garden {in Las Vegas}. She has a plant oasis in a desert! I'm somewhat impressed by this because I don't water have such luck with plants!

    However I gathered all of my brain cells to guess how to create these pretty planters this weekend! They turned out beautifully & will grow together to fill in the blank areas. It really added some nice color to my desert landscaped yard!

    April 3, 2012

    House-Boss pins again: My Ugly Laundry Room Divorce & Free Pretty Printables

                                                                                          Source: via Melly on Pinterest

    These lovely printables are the newest pin in House-Boss' latest pinterest obsession. Anything & everything laundry related.

    Oh, you didn't know that instead of working at work he text me sh** he finds on pintrest ALL DAMN DAY LONG! Usually suggestions hints on how to clean things. I'll admit blame here, I showed him pinterest way back & now he browses (his words) it daily. That would be fine, but he forwards them my way because I have nothing better to do apparently.

    Now I've officially outed his pinterest-habit to the world, I'll let you in on why he's abnormally obsessed with all things laundry right now:

    April 2, 2012

    A simple Jello treat to guilt your kids into behaving with!

    So this is from a Jello recipe foldy-card-thingy I found inside some store I apparently shop at. I picked it up for the coupon recipes & this lil gem was calling my name easy "the kids like to help in the kitchen make it with them".

    Not only did it occupy my stir crazy on spring break hooligans little angels but unexpectedly doubled as a sharp tool of guilt I wielded all day in order to get them to behave. I know I'm not the only dysfunctional wonderful mother to use these tactics in times of desperation, so I don't mind sharing how much of an amazing mom I am with all of you. Plus if I had to hear "Drama" complain about how the "Tuna can & can opener wont play nicely together" any longer I might find some place high to jump from!

    March 30, 2012

    The art of husband manipulation: a tutorial of sorts!

    The above diagram is an accurate rendering of the recent "Bed Situation" 

    I re-claimed my bed this week to get something for selfish reasons "House-Boss". It was held hostage by "NBC" for too long.

    I'm notoriously known to get the thing(s) I want by leveraging something House-Boss DESPERATELY wants to get it...& I'm really good at it too! Think "MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING" - he's the head but I'm the neck if you know what I mean.

    He gets so fed up with a situation that in total desperation *& more in this case exhaustion* he strikes a deal with the devil me knowing I'll get it done if the bribe reward is good worthwhile enough.

    March 26, 2012

    I've been "Name-Jacked"...well kind of

    I was so hyped up to share this awesome giveaway *I'll come back to that later* I scored for all my fly readers (i apologize for using the word fly, kinda) that LOVE shopping as much as I do, when I started to write about it & I realized I was unable to "Preview" my post! THEN IT HIT ME!


    I got the email that I needed to renew my domain ( & in true Melly form I put it off till today which is NOWtoo late & has been bought by an online Asian store. So unless you're in the market for that sort of thing & not my witty remarks by all means check it out.

    Well the "Long-Short" of it is....BYE-BYE Beckham & first blog *tear*

    Now I've shed that tear for my past, moving on. One other good thing about "Melly-Land" is this girl knows how to adapt & thrive! Looking forward to the new change & a fresh start in a way *maybe a re-fresh start*

    I'll still piss off "House-Boss" & tell you guys about *so we can all laugh at him together* just doing it under a different .com now!

    March 18, 2012

    "I hate that tooth-jacking fairy!"

    I've unwittingly started a feud with "Drama" & the toothfairy!It could come to physical blows if there were such  a person!

    Yes, I thought I was hot sh** because I can fool a 9-yr-old girl into still believing there is actually a toothfariy, but the leap of faith she has is only forged from my good credit as a her mom that "never would lie to her" - damn! I totally told her that too!I'm screwed!

    Way back in the day she started doubting the existence of this toothfairy lady & I thought she was too young to "lose the magic of childhood" ( yeah, I must have been bored that day).

    After reassuring her it was in fact a real fairy, she then launched a written campaign in which she bartered to keep her teeth (she was popping out teeth left & right). It was a good effort, I'll give her that! But to keep this charade up I told her "Bottom line: you're asking for too much". She wanted the tooth & a private meeting!

    Soon she turned bitter at "That tooth-jacking-fairy". Next came a wave of *failed* recon attempts. Never making it past the 11pm mark, she obviously needed another strategy!